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Improve productivity through training and engagement

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Brief and train your staff and partners on the go

Provide your employees and partners with training courses that help them succeed and improve productivity.

Mitivo e-learning makes it easy to target your audience with engaging mini courses from any computer, tablet or smartphone, anywhere and anytime.

Broadcast your own video, PDF, PowerPoint, Word or other files and keep your audience engaged and interactive by adding supplementing questions to your training course.

Reward completed training courses with redeem points and make your audience look forward to the next course.


Flexible and customized training

Product and campaign launches

Introduce new products and campaigns to multiple channels and increase the knowledge and excitement of your products in an effective and inexpensive way.

On-boarding staff training

Provide your staff with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in their new job. Introduce company policies, procedures, and culture through structured training courses.

Improve competences of your staff

Improve the knowledge and skills of your staff to increase productivity and performance. A well-trained workforce is essential to a company’s success.

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